The Best Fertilizer for African Violets – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Back in the year 1894, Baron Walter von Saint Paul carried a flowering plant to Germany from East Africa, and he called it the “Usambara Violet.” Little did the Baron know that so many people would eventually fall in love with that flower that we now know as the African Violet.

Nowadays, these plants are very popular, and many consider them as prized plants. But what does it take to grow these plants? Well, aside from the basics such as air, water, and sunlight, you also need the best fertilizer for African Violets.

When it comes to fertilizers, these products keep on changing to suit the needs of various plants. In this article, we’ll help guide you so that you can find the best product to help your plants thrive. Read on and learn more about best fertilizer for African Violets.

Why your African Violets Need the Best Fertilizer?

Macronutrient content

The best fertilizers on the market must contain the basic macronutrients which African Violets need to thrive namely nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Some products even contain other macronutrients such as magnesium and calcium. If you want your plants to get all the macronutrients they need, then supplementing their growth with fertilizer will go a long way.

Also, if you use water from reverse osmosis, rain or tap water, search for a fertilizer which caters to such situations. The presence of the macronutrients in the fertilizers will help keep the plants healthy and also help them produce better and more colorful flowers.

Micronutrient content

Aside from the macronutrients, some fertilizers will also provide your plants with a number of micronutrients. These are also essential in the healthy growth of plants but in smaller amounts. One essential micronutrient to look out for if you have soil with a high pH level is sulfur. This can help lower the pH level of the soil, especially in the plant’s root zone.

Fertilizers which have micronutrients are especially important for those who use reverse osmosis or rainwater on their plants. With such water, your African Violets will benefit a lot from a product which contains all the micronutrients they need to thrive.

Better growth

The best way to promote the growth of African Violets is to give them the right fertilizer or plant food each time you water them. This will help you remember better when to fertilize your plants since you’ll do it at the same time you water them. You can use almost all kinds of fertilizers this way, but it’s still best to follow the instructions of the product you’re using.

The best fertilizer for African Violets will promote better growth, a higher survival rate, and more blooms. While some fertilizers are suitable for all flowering and indoor plants, others are specifically meant for African Violets. Either way, using a fertilizer will help move things along and make your plants healthier and more productive.

What To Look For In a Fertilizer for African Violets

The essential nutrients

A good fertilizer should contain fairly equal amounts of the most important nutrients namely nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. You should find these components on the product’s label with their ratios in numerical values. The values for standard sizes and varieties of African Violets would differ from the values for miniature African Violets or other special varieties.

The three essential nutrients are part of the 16 vital elements required by African Violets and by other types of plants so they can grow and reproduce normally. The other vital elements are calcium, carbon, boron, copper, chlorine, iron, manganese, magnesium, oxygen, sulfur, zinc, hydrogen, and molybdenum.

Among all these elements, you may also commonly see sulfur, magnesium, and calcium listed as part of the fertilizer’s components. On the other hand, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon, known as the free elements, are normally acquired from the water and the air.

Nutrient source

It’s also important to choose your fertilizer according to its nutrient source. The cheapest ones have urea nitrogen as their source, but these fertilizers aren’t very desirable especially for those who grow plants in cold areas. This is because using such fertilizer would most likely result in your plants acquiring ammonium toxicity. This happens when the bacteria in the soil become inactive when the temperature gets cold, and they aren’t able to adequately process the urea content.

Therefore, it’s better to go for products which use ammoniacal nitrate or nitrogen as a nutrient source. These are a bit costlier, but they have better quality and won’t pose any problems.

If it’s your first time to purchase fertilizer for African Violets, then you can ask your neighbors and other people in your area which product works well for them. You may even have to use different products at different times of the year depending on certain factors.

Water solubility

Another factor to look for in the best fertilizer for African Violets is the water solubility. Make sure that the product you choose is completely water soluble as this is very important. This feature will allow the plant to absorb all the important elements that the fertilizer contains.

Also, the water-soluble feature is especially important if you plan to use a self-watering device for your plants. In such case, the elements will only go into the soil if they’re completely dissolved.


Fertilizers come in different forms. Among all these forms, the concentrated liquids and the soluble powders are most recommended. Between the two, people often prefer soluble powders because they’re more cost-effective in the sense that they don’t have the added cost associated with the water’s weight that’s added to the concentrated liquids.

Of course, both forms have their own benefits. Soluble powders are easy to mix and some even come in pouches which are already pre-measured. For concentrated liquids, they’re more convenient especially since you can use them with self-watering devices.

No matter which one you select, don’t forget to consider the fertilizer’s water solubility. Whether in powder or liquid form, this is an important feature since it will allow your plant to get all the nutrients and components which will help it become healthier and produce more blooms.

The Best 5 Fertilizers for African Violets – Reviews

Dyna-Gro Gro-100 Grow 7-9-5 Plant Food

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The Dyna-Gro Gro-100 Grow 7-9-5 Plant Food is one of the best products on the market now. It contains all the essential elements that African Violets need to grow and thrive. This fertilizer will promote the vibrant growth of your plants.

It has a low level of soluble salts too making it suitable for hydroponics and plants grown in containers. This complete fertilizer is easy to use, and it’s ideal for different kinds of plants too. Here are some of the standout features:

  • Complete: This product is more than just a fertilizer. Rather, it’s a complete nutrient solution for African Violets and for other plants as well. Dyna-Gro contains all the 16 essential minerals to promote the growth and health of plants.
  • Easy to use:  Dyna-Gro comes in the form of a liquid concentrate that’s very easy to use. With this product, you don’t have to follow complicated directions to use it correctly. After some time, you’ll notice the results as your plants grow, develop, and thrive better than ever.
  • All-purpose: This fertilizer contains the micro and macro nutrients different plants need and they come in appropriate ratios. Dyna-Gro has an all-purpose formulation which promotes blooms and foliage. You can use it for hydroponics, potted plants, and for rocky, poor soil.

One downside of this fertilizer is that it’s quite expensive. Some customers even claim that using this product would result in nutrient deficiencies for some plants. Still, there are more positive feedbacks than negative making this one of the best fertilizers for African Violets on the market now.

Xcdiscount Jack’s African Violet Fertilizer

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The Xcdiscount Jack’s African Violet Fertilizer has a high-quality formulation, and it contains the nutrients plants need to grow well. With this fertilizer, you can grow strong roots, stocky stems, robust foliage, and vibrant blooms. It promotes brighter-colored and larger blooms. It’s a superior product that’s suitable for the bottom and top feeding containers. Take a look at the fertilizer’s features:

  • Designed for African violets: This fertilizer is one of the more popular products among commercial growers of African Violets precisely because it’s designed for these plants. Jack’s African Violet Fertilizer helps maximize the flower count, enhance the size of the blooms, and give them brighter colors too.
  • Superb formulation: Jack’s African Violet Fertilizer has a special formulation which makes it ideal for both the bottom and top feeding containers. It’s a water-soluble fertilizer that’s suitable for all the varieties of African Violets as well as other types of flowering houseplants.
  • Blossom booster: You can use this fertilizer to boost the blossoms of outdoor plants, potted plants, plants growing in hanging baskets, and more. Jack’s African Violet Fertilizer has a high content of phosphorus which can help with the development of roots and buds.

With this fertilizer, you have to make sure that you use the right amount. The reason for this is that it’s quite strong and using too much might do more harm than good. Some people have reported rerooting and crown decapitation from too much. Still, it’s one of the more popular fertilizers among African violets.

rePotme Orchid Fertilizer

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The rePotme Orchid Fertilizer is urea-free, making it perfect for orchids and other types of prized plants such as African Violets. It’s best used with the process of reverse osmosis or with rain or tap water that has low alkalinity. It’s very easy to use, and it even comes with instructions to guide you as you fertilize your plants. These are the features of this product:

  • Urea-free: The rePotme Orchid Fertilizer doesn’t contain urea which is an important feature of fertilizers for African Violets, orchids, and other types of prized plants. It has a lot of phosphate content as well as soluble potash.
  • Various choices: This fertilizer comes in granular and liquid versions. The granular version only comes in one size, but the liquid version comes in gallon, quart or pint sizes. The rePotme Orchid Fertilizer even comes with a child protective cap as an added safety feature.
  • Versatile: This product is ideal for orchids, African Violets, and other types of houseplants. Using the rePotme Orchid Fertilizer would promote bigger and more beautiful blooms as long as you use it properly.

One downside of this product is that it doesn’t clearly indicate the mixing instructions. Therefore, some customers have had difficulties determining how much to use on their plants. But once you’re able to discover how much you need for your plants, you’ll see all the benefits as they grow.

Sun Bulb Company 8303 Better GRO Orchid Plus

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The Sun Bulb Company 8303 Better GRO Orchid Plus is urea-free and has a professional formulation. It contains nitrate nitrogen which is a vital component that acts fast and enhances the vigorous growth of plants. This fertilizer also has the important minor elements to help fight deficiencies that commonly occur when using potting mixes without soil. Other features of this product include:

  • Specially-formulated: This product has a special formulation with quick-acting nitrate nitrogen to promote the vibrant growth of plants. It doesn’t contain any urea nitrogen. The Better GRO Orchid Plus includes the essential minor elements to help fight plant deficiencies.
  • Easy to use: This fertilizer is perfect for orchids, but you can use it for your African Violets as well. Master growers developed the formulation of Better GRO Orchid Plus, and it’s quite popular among enthusiasts and professionals alike. Just mix the fertilizer with water according to how frequent you water your plants.
  • Encourages healthy growth: This fertilizer can thoroughly soak into the root system and foliage of the plant. The Better GRO Orchid Plus encourages the healthy growth of plants as well as the abundance of blooms.

One possible downside of this fertilizer is that it may attract plant flies. Some customers have reported seeing these flies after they’ve used the product on their plants. However, you can remedy this situation easily while still enjoying all the advantages of this particular product on your African Violets.

Schultz African Violet Plus Plant Food

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The Schultz African Violet Plus Plant Food can stimulate the growth of gorgeous blooms for your African violets and other types of blooming plants. It’s a liquid fertilizer which has the perfect balance of nitrogen and potassium along with a higher phosphorus content. It even comes with a dropper which makes measuring easier. Here are the features of this fertilizer:

  • Special formulation: The Schultz African Violet Plus is specially-formulated for African violets and other types of plants that bloom. It contains all of the basic micronutrients that flowers require to grow, thrive and blossom.
  • Easy to use: The fertilizer comes with a special dropper to make preparing the mix a lot easier. Regularly using the Schultz African Violet Plus promotes gorgeous blooms with vibrant colors. It helps stimulate the production of flowers as it delivers all the nutrients straight to the roots.
  • Versatile: The Schultz African Violet Plus is a liquid fertilizer which is perfect for African violets. But you can also use it for your other indoor and flowering plants. With all the nutrients it contains, it will keep your plants healthy, happy, and blooming.

Some customers claim that this particular fertilizer is too harsh for African violets. On the other hand, other customers claim that it makes the plants healthy, but it doesn’t encourage blooms. But looking at the customer reviews, there are more people who appreciate the product which is why it’s on our list.

Which Fertilizer is the Best for You to Buy?

There’s no standard answer for this question as the best fertilizer for you would depend on different factors. We’ve reviewed the best fertilizers for African Violets in this article, but in the end, the choice would depend on your own needs and preferences. Therefore, it’s important for you to consider all the factors to determine which one will be perfect for your own plants.

If you have African violets as well as other plants, it’s best to choose a versatile product. This way, you can use the same fertilizer for all your plants and still have the same positive results. The Dyna-Gro Gro-100 Grow 7-9-5 Plant Food is an all-purpose fertilizer which you can use for different plants and different planting conditions. It contains all the essential nutrients plants need to grow well, thrive, and produce large and vibrantly-colored blooms.

If you want a fertilizer that’s made specifically for African violets, then you can go for Xcdiscount Jack’s African Violet Fertilizer. This has a high-quality formulation, and it’s designed for African violets. So, if you only focus on this type of plant, then this fertilizer would be the best one for you. It’s a superior product which contains all the nutrients needed for African violets to grow and thrive in different conditions.

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